Puisi Bahasa Inggris

Puisi Guru dalam Bahasa Inggris

O my revered teacher,
A lot time has passed.
I have grown old and
You too have grown older.
Yet the memories are fresh, like yesterday,
Etched in my mind forever:
For the language I speak today,
The words were given by you.
For every jargon I use today,
The foundation lies in your teachings.
For every thought I express today,
I owe the basis of it to you.
I am managing to walk proudly in this world today,
Because your perseverant efforts tried to make me a better person.
You tried to teach me so many things with all your heart,
But I could catch only a few of them, with my wandering all over.
I might have resisted too,
The changes you were trying to in me, for good.
But, over the years I have realized,
That may be that’s the way in every one’s childhood.
Now, when I hold the hand of my own children and
Try to guide them through the unchartered territories,
Now, when I try to inculcate the virtues of discipline,
Moral values, ethics and fundamental of life in my offspring.
I can only empathise and relate, with all that you have done for me.
I can relate with, every frown and every smile on your face,
Every disappointment and every satisfaction in your heart,
When you were trying to educate me.
Going by my own yardstick,
I have achieved more than what I had yearned for-
Be it materialistically, professionally or socially
And I have always remembered your pivotal role,
In every milestone that I have crossed.
Now I have been trying to focus on,
Some of my personal goals,
I often dig in to the treasure cove of my memory,
In to your teachings, for guiding me through.
I cannot tell you- how indebted I am to you,
For every thing that you have done for me.
But at least I know, that I can never repay,
What you have given me.
The only way I can think of repaying it
Is by trying to give others,
Those known and unknown,
Connected or unconnected.
The best of mine, from the depth of my heart,
Without any consideration or expectation
And not bothered about the consequences and to continue giving,
Till the body permits and the wisdom supports.
Respected teacher,
I am truly grateful to you for what you have done
And also realize that I should have done much better,
For the efforts put by you in me.
But I hope I have not let you down
And disappointed you totally.

Puisi Bahasa Inggris tentang Alam


Man thought he was civilizing,
When he was getting away from nature,
But nature has its way to remind,
How it can affect our future.
When man and nature lived together
There was nothing much to bother,
There occurred a complete harmony,
With all species existing as a family.
But soon man started moving away,
In his gusto of making a new way.
He made villages, towns and cities,
His progress paved the way to tragedies.
It started with hunting and cutting trees,
His next attack was fishes in seas,
Slowly it affected the delicate balance,
This was the starting of his nuisance.
His inventions affected the ozone layer,
The wild life also had its share,
Rains got scanty and pollution was everywhere,
The damage was getting beyond repair.
Species became extinct, forests bared,
Rivers were choked, but no one cared.
As minerals got depleted and there was petroleum lack,
Nature decided its time to fight back.
Carbon-di oxide increased and temperature rose,
Nature retaliated with floods and chaos.
Man threw products of natural hazards,
Nature turned lush forests to deserts.
Soon the fury of nature was seen in waves,
Tornados and Tsunamis gave no escape,
Volcanoes and storms, earthquakes and famines,
Nature used all to punish the scene.
Get up and see what you’ve done,
The home you damaged was your own one,
You also harmed the siblings living with you
But nature is a tough parent and you’ll get the due.
Those who don’t follow the rule of living together,
Have to forego the comfort and love of their Mother,
Nature created Dinosaurs, but now there are none,
For they had disobeyed- and now it seems your turn.
by: payal mathur

Puisi Ibu dalam Bahasa Inggris


Mother is she who spends sleepless night to make you sleep
Mother is she who understands you from the very deep…
Mother is she who will laugh and cry along with you….
Mother is she who teaches how to drink, eat and how to chew…

Mother is she who scolds you for your good
Mother is she who will support you in any mood…
Mother is she who accepts you in any situation…
Mother is she who motivates you for your every little creation…

Mother is she who gives you blessings at every step…
Mother is she who is always worried for your fate…
Mother is she who can catch you if at any moment you lie…
Mother is she who never wants to see her baby cry….

Mother is she who is different from all other…
Mother is she who is never comparable to any other…

by : Sumita Datta


A mother is a friend, a teacher
A mother is a guard, a guide
A mother is a soulmate, a need
A mother is a shelter, a sweet thing.
A mother is a creator, a role model

A mother means the whole world to the child in her womb
As he enters the real world, he sees a new world
Mother is the first friend, she is his Goddess
She nourishes him, cares for him
makes him giggle, makes him sleep
Shares every moment with him, for he is her soul.
She seeks happiness in his little smile
and finds tears in his little tears
When her child takes his first steps, it is holding her hand
A child is irreplaceable to the mother and mother to the child
She feels her child is a God’s gift to her
While the child feels she is the most precious gift of god
No one can compete her for her love for children.
‘MOM’ is the first word a child learns to speak.

by: Naga Bhanu Vemuri

Puisi Patah Hati Bahasa Inggris

Leave, I won’t feel sad
No tear drop will leave my eye
Go where you are not going
Sweep your footprints outside
Is it really over? Finally
Take you roses in the vase
Close the door, the future is unwritten
I will not miss you.
Leave, I won’t feel sad
You’re taking my heart with you
No tear will leave my eye
But inside I’ll still cry
Go where you are not going
I know your heart is staying
Please sweep your footprints outside
I’ll remember you beautiful feet
Is it really over?
Finally my heart gets to break
Take your roses in the vase
I’ll be the only thing withering
Don’t close the door, the future is unwritten
We can change it now
I will not have to miss you
If you decide to stay
(As you want to; as I want you to)
Some tears will be born
In eyes that saw me with love
Cracks will form in hearts
Hearts that kept me
Disbelief before grief comes to join
This sad party; I’m parting
My soul in search of another place to stay
Rest me well, leave me there
You care but please don’t cry for me
I’ll never come where you want to me to be
I didn’t get to die old
Leaving too little of me to be told
I was a friend, made smiles in faces
Don’t let me be a memory time erases
Did I love to little; fear too much
A life less lived, more dreamt
I will cry too for this—leaving
I love you
Someday, somewhere
We’ll be together somehow
So Goodbye but just for now

Contoh Puisi Cinta dalam Bahasa Inggris

The days, have gone by…
Within time and theory.
That love is just a theory?
No, love is not just a theory,
It is in air, in our hearts,
Time is the air which you must make your move
When love has come to question,
Nobody can escape its claw,
It’s grip so hard on the wings of hope.
Sometimes Icorus is giving, sometimes he’s not.
What you should know, is how,
How does love define the answer to our future?
Once said, it cannot be unsaid,
Unless proven not, its true as blue in tears.
Tears, yours? mine? the loves are beautiful.
I could turn your tears, into roses.
Smelling as fresh scent of the new morning.
Sunshine, you are mine, my angel, my love.
You are not my want, you’re my need.
You are all the reasons I breathe.
You are my oxygen, my passion in time,
The clock? question this and your wrong.
You think you’re right? time doesn’t matter?
In the essence of love time is the key.
The days, have gone by…
But not a moment goes by in fact in truth,
That I do not think about you.
I know in the heart that is mine to give,
And yours to keep with soul and passion.
That both love each other in eternal time.

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